Environment Art Outsource Packages

For Microsoft Train Simulator 2 one of my tasks was researching and documenting the structures needed for each of the high accuracy routes.  The compiled images and documentation were then sent out to the vendors who would build the majority of the actual art assets.  The four routes were Horseshoe Curve in Pennsylvania, Stevens Pass in Washington, Cologne to Duisburg in Germany, and the BLS route from Thun to Interlaken and Brig in Switzerland.

The general process was to go from using maps and other resources to determine a preliminary lists of structures to be included.  These lists were then balanced against overall goals and available resources and then pared down.  The balanced lists then formed the core checklists of objects to document during research trips. 

Based on the result of the information gathered during the research trips, the lists were revised again and expanded to become the "outsource package" documents.  These documents included the triangle, texture, and time budgets for each individual asset.  The documents, combined with the sorted dereference material (photographs, drawings, and other data) could then be sent to the vendors for asset construction.

Once all the assets were completed and reviewed, the objects were placed in the game world, resulting in scenes complete with their landmark objects. 

Model Specification and Concept Art

SMR Trains is an importer of limited-run O Scale (1:48) models of railroad equipment. For their model of the Western & Atlantic Railroad’s TEXAS I provided information, drawings, and 3d renderings based on my research into the original appearance of the locomotive.  The completed 3d renderings were then used as the main reference for the manufacturer's drawings.

Using my subject matter expertise and the resources I had gathered over the years I set out to construct the most accurate depiction of the locomotive yet attempted.  This accuracy extends to the locomotive's paint and decoration in addition to its physical structure.

3d Model

Released Model