• Seattle area 3d artist.
    • 8 years experience at Microsoft Games Studios
    • 15 years experience building 3d assets for games
    • Proficient with 3ds Max, ZBrush, SpeedTree, Photoshop
    • Experience with writing documentation and compiling reference material for assets to be made by outside vendors.
    • Experience with reviewing vendor made assets for accuracy, and quality.

Recent Roles

  • Aquent - 3d Artist at Microsoft Studios.  November 2012-Present
    • Four years working at Microsoft's Turn 10 Studios on Forza Motorsport 5, Forza Horizon 2, Forza Motorsport 6, and Forza Horizon 3 for the Xbox One.
    • Ensured visual accuracy and quality of in-game car assets through modeling, texturing, animation, lighting, material tuning, and bug fixing.
    • Quickly learned new pipelines and specifications, and established myself as a go-to resource on the car art team for information and assistance regarding the car art tools and pipeline.
  • Aquent - 3d Artist.  April 2010-July 2012
    • Two years working with Microsoft Flight team.
    • Worked with aircraft team, building one aircraft and texturing two others.
    • Reviewed aircraft models and textures made by outside vendors for quality and adherence to standards.
    • Built over fifty scenery models including airport buildings, bridges, ground vehicles, and boats.
    • Built over forty high-resolution tree models using SpeedTree, which were then rendered out to make textures for use with in-game vegetation system.
    • Researched and specified over 200 models to be built by outside vendors.
  • Sublime Media - 3d Artist.  December 2009-March 2010
    • Animated and rendered 3d models for use in website and training materials for the BNSF Railway.
  • Cascade Game Foundry.  March 2009-April 2010
    • Modeled, textured, and animated scenery objects, vehicles, and animals for use in proof of concept game demos.
    • Build 3d assets to assist developers in evaluations of game engine middleware.
  • Microsoft Game Studios - ACES Studio: 3d Artist.  June 2008-March 2009.
    • Worked with Train Simulator, Flight Simulator, and ESP teams.
    • Researched and specified scenery assets for outsourcing.
    • Tested and reviewed vendor assets.
    • Built environment and vehicle 3d assets.
  • Sakson & Taylor: 3d Artist.  May 2007-June 2008.
    • Worked with ACES Studio on Train Simulator 2 team.
    • Researched and specified scenery assets for outsourcing.
    • Tested and reviewed vendor assets.
    • Built environment 3d assets.


  • 3d Studio Max, Photoshop, ZBrush, SpeedTree, Paint Shop Pro, 3d Canvas, Corel Draw.


  • Seattle University